Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Time For Some Ryme?

Our commission
Jesus as a man became,
to take my blame,
to bear my shame,
and heal the lame.
And we're to now proclaim,
In His Holy name,
and by the Holy Spirit's flame,
...the same.
May it be our aim.

Hal Weeks, California

The Big Question
What purpose do we serve,
If we never have the nerve,
To share our faith,
...without reserve?
For fear we'll turn whoever off,
That some will turn away and scoff.
But keep it bottled up inside,
Because of pride.
We're to be forever bold,
Until our story's told,
...and sold.
And then we'll know a joy untold,
And later get a crown of gold.
So we're to go our way,
And say our say,
Without delay,
And it will pay,
When we go away,
Someday...to stay,
...I pray.

Hal Weeks, California

Christ's Empathy
Jesus came to set us free,
from Satan and his tyranny.
To take away creation's curse,
By being made a substitute,
and found to be of no repute.
He also gave His very all,
to redeem us from the fall,
-- if we will only hear His call.
He died and then arose,
to show to all of those,
who in their sins were rebels still,
and who'll continue 'till,
they finally pay their total bill.
Then when He to Heaven went,
the Holy Ghost was duly sent,
To make it clearly evident,
that we can be a holy place,
Wherein for Him to shed his grace.
So now we have the Holy Ghost,
That we might do our uttermost,
To spread His word from coast to coast.
And when our earthly work is done,
and our new life has just begun,
we'll be someone to whom He says,
"Well done, my good and faithful son."

Hal Weeks, California


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