Friday, August 05, 2005

Miracle in Hospital Waiting Room

On July 26, while I was sitting waiting my turn for a blood test, I noticed a lady that appeared to be very distressed.
I went over tho her and asked her if she needed help. She said it was her back that was so painful.that she could hardly stand it. I then asked her if she believed in divine healing and she said she did.
I then offered to pray for her back. As we usually do, I asked her how long she had had it. She said for over a year and the doctors didn't know what to dofor it. I then asked her, on a scale of one to ten, how bad was it. She said eight or ten.
I prayed for her and it went down to about a four. I prayed again and it went down to a two. I didn't pray for her further healing and I explained why. When someone is totally healed they usually go there way and forget that Jesus had healed them. I told her to consumate the healing start thanking Jesus for what she had already recieved until the remaining pain had gone. She thanked me and I went back to my seat. All of which proved to me again that we are to minister to others wherever, whenever, and however. Thank you, Jesus!

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