Thursday, August 18, 2005

Prayer and Healing Class Report

Our attendance consisted of three pale faces and seven Afro-Americans.
Anita Bumgardner, Rhonda, Anna, Jewel, and a gentlemen who came and brought his three daughters.
There were several praise reports of how God had used them to minister to others.

Rhonda prayed for Jewel for vertigo attacks. Anita prayed for the gentleman who had back pain.

The meeting closed with a prayer circle and Anna sang, "He Touched Me."


Ann's Journal said...

So glad to hear these praise reports. Love, Ann

Ann's Journal said...

Wow- my blog site works! Ann

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about the praise reports. I think I know Jewel (a Little) Does she live in your aparments? I met her through Claudia Edwards. Please say "hi" if it's her.

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