Saturday, August 20, 2005

Miracles Experienced by Former Healing Class Student

This past week at the healing rooms, a woman who had come in 2-3 weeks ago told my prayer team that she had been prayed for panic attacks and they were gone and also she had gone off her medications voluntarily. She told her Christian psychriatrist.

Another woman was prayed for as a demonstration in a healing room class and lost her back pain. She came Thurs. eve and was prayed for again by my team. We broke the geneational curse of sciatica (her mother had this also) and took authority over the generational spirit of sciatica and her pain of a "6" was gone. We never prayed for actual healing. Praise God

Bill and I went to the Harvest Rock Confernece where Bill Johnson was one of the speakers. We know that people are being raised from the dead infreguently in Africa, but Bill says they've had 2 incidences of pregnant mothers who were told by their doctors that their babies had died and they had to opeate to remove the dead baby or the mother would also die. Both chose to believe God and got prayer. Both delivered healthy babies in the US! He says we are going to see more and more of the miraculous. Becky Hitt

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