Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I decided to quit smoking by August 18th -- my 50th birthday. I told Hal Weeks I would be coming to his Wednesday night Prayer and Healing class at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Coronado, CA. One week led to another and pretty soon almost two years had gone by. I kept putting it off because I really did not want to quit smoking. Hal would approach me at Sunday services and ask me when I would attend his class. I always had a lame excuse, but we both knew Satan had a hold on me. In August of 1999 my daughter, Michele, announced she was expecting her first child in April 2000. Her husband, William, quit smoking in December, 1999. I decided I needed to quit so I wouldn't smell like a chimney around my new grandchild. I finally made it to Hal's class on March 22, 2000 and was healed by the Holy Spirit of my desire to smoke. It was instantaneous (as I knew it would be). The next two days I could feel the smoke being purged from my lungs. I believe that if it were visible people could have seen smoke coming out of my mouth. Thanks to the healing power of God, I have not smoked since. There were times when I wanted to smoke, but I called on God to help me and the desire was instantly gone. My daughter once asked me if I had cheated at all. I told her I couldn't because what would that say about the Holy Spirit and His Power!! Now I can smell cigarette smoke on people ten feet away and I realize I used to smell like that to other non-smokers!! The day after my healing I called Michele to share my good news. It was then she told me that she and William didn't want me around the new baby smelling of cigarette smoke, and they weren't sure how to tell me. God answered two prayers at once!! I am now a new grandma to a precious little boy, Liam Matthew, born May 1st, and I can hold him to my hearts content, God is so good. P.S. Now I have gained weight so I will be back at Hal's class on May 17th to be healed from my overeating addiction. You can be sure I won't put this off for two years!!June 11, 2000 On May 11th and June 7th I had my physical at Kaiser. The doctor told me I am a very healthy woman, He said my lung capacity was the second highest he had seen in his six years at Kaiser. PRAISE GOD! For only He could have healed me so completely from the damage I did to myself when smoking cigarettes.Ann Rebuffattee

Note: Ann now has an effective healing ministry and will accept phone prayer rewuests. Call her at 619 437 8077


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