Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My name is Taunya Dowell and I'm 31 years old. I would like to share my testimony with you on the Miraculous Power of my Lord Jesus Christ.When I was eleven years old, I was playing football with some boys and I was tackled. As a result, I fractured my left hip. I went through three surgeries and was in a cast from the waist down for a year and a half. My hip did not heal as the doctors had expected and over the years my left leg did not grow normally, and it ended up being one inch shorter than the right. I had MRI's done that determined the discrepancy in the length of my legs and one inch build-ups were made for all my left shoes. However, I continued to suffer from constant pain. Until one day in June, 1996. I met Hal, who shared with me his healing ministry. My faith in Jesus was strong and I believed in the Bible and what it said. And when he shared with me the miracles he had seen through the power of prayer and calling on the power of Jesus, I wanted this for myself, and believed it was possible.It was a beautiful sunny day in Coronado, CA. When I crawled out of bed that morning, I was totally unprepared for a miracle. What happened changed my life forever. But God works his wonders in mysterious ways. Hal and I were sitting outside at a restaurant when he asked me if I would like to receive prayer. I was a little shy at first since we were out in public but then I said "Let's do it". So he sat across from me and took both my ankles in his hands, with my legs stretched out, and started praying and invoking the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus and commanded my leg to grow. My left leg started getting very hot right above my knee and my bone started growing. My bone grew a whole inch right before our very eyes. I was so filled with the awesome power of the Holy Spirit I could barely think straight. I was awe-struck for hours. I had to go barefoot because my shoes were of no use any more. I've been checked out by doctors and they are at a loss for words. I has been over two years and I still don't need to have a lift in my shoe. I give all the Glory to Jesus and now I have also learned how to pray for others to be healed. Based on Mark 16;17-18, I feel we are called to pray for others for healing. Besides, it's not me nor anybody else who does the healing -- it's the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord just needs laborers to deliver the blessing.Hal's comment:As of of now, Taunya still has her healing.
The approach Taunya refers to is taught by the Hunter's Ministery* and the one we
teach and practice . It can be observed and experienced by attending the class and using the resources we have available..
See the Hunter's website to order their books and tapes.]
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