Friday, July 06, 2007


To be prepared for the coming of our Lord is to be longing for it, to be looking forward to it, and to be living accordingly.Whether it is the public debt, the population explosion, the pollution of our environment, AIDS, or any other catastrophe facing our society, human effort is limited to merely slowing the trend -- not reversing it. The sin and greed that have caused these things are still present. God is long-suffering but He has foreordained a military coup when Christ returns to rule with a rod of iron.Following Christ will cost us everything, and a bill comes due each day as we take up our cross and follow Him.Without Jesus Christ man is damned if he does, and he is damned if does not. He is irrelevant.The only person whose reputation means anything is Jesus Christ. Even the Holy Spirit has elected to subordinate his reputation to that of Jesus. Then shouldn't we?

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