Tuesday, May 27, 2008


John the Baptist first introduced Jesus as the baptizer in the Holy Spirit. This is what happened at Pentecost and it was the birthday of the church and it was the power of the Holy Spirit that and enabled the early church to spread the gospel. Without it the church would have gone out of existence. Yet many Christians today regard it as a perk perhaps but not necessarily important for them. yet, in Luke 11:9-13 the children of God are told to ask, seek, and knock until they get the Holy Spirit. Since the children of God are already spirit - fill obviously this refer to something more. Therefore, it must refer to the been true in the power of the baptism in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Of course Satan doesn’t want us to have this power. Is it possible that those who resist the are under the influence of Satan who doesn’t want us to have this power? Unfortunately this possibility rarely is mentioned in the modern church so very few Christians are aware of it. So what is the answer?

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Wnat seminaries don't teach, ministers don't preach ahnd there the the Holy Spirit doesn't reach.