Monday, May 26, 2008


Hi Hal,
This is thanks to your website.I am not new to healing but I did not know about healing in the name of Jesus. I now have totally changed my way.Here are some testimonials I had received over the years (from my old way of healing). I intend to do better .... My goal is to heal physical ailments so that people discover Jesus, and finally improve the world... What a program !!!Thank you so much,MicheleMichele,I told you I have had mono for about 3 months. Today was the first day that I felt a whole day of energy. I think it’s the healing, I really do. I have been so exhausted. I really appreciate what you are doing and know you are helping big time. So, on the feedback, you have a woman who has mono and after a week of healing is feeling almost normal. That's something to say. Really! S.D., Seattle(After the first session)My session with you was incredible. I felt as though someone put a nice warm heat pack on my right knee and also on my lower back right side where the pain is. Thank you so much, I look forward to tomorrow.LVH, Cleveland(after two weeks of remote healing) : I have experienced a 40% decrease in the pain in my knees and a 30% decrease in the pain in the rib cage under my right breast. There has been a 70% decrease in the arthritic pain in my hands. I have not had a migraine headache since my sessions began with you. I am extremely grateful to you for what you have done. I would indeed like to continue the sessions with you.LVH, Cleveland(After four weeks):I would like to inform you, Michele, that, as of today, I have NO PAIN under my right breast or in either of my hands. I have more good news. I have also experienced a 80% decrease in the pain in both of my knees. Hallelujah!!!!!!!Love,LVH, ClevelandMy hip is feeling quite relaxed right now. I can't thank you enough for your help….I also had just finished the physical therapy exercise of hanging the right hip over the side of the bed, to stretch the sore joint. So it was hurting before 8 p.m., but now it is not hurting any more. Michele, you are wonderful.M. Z., Los Angeles. After one week of healing to S.(4 years old) who is autistic and non verbal.S. has had a couple of things happen at school. One day, his teacher told me that, for the first time, he followed along to some of the songs (not the words, but the actions) such as, HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES AND TOES, using his hand to point along with the song. He has never done that before.Then, on another day, S. tried to say APPLE and used the sign for apple. The teacher’s assistant was so happy, she said she started to cry!! Thanks so much, Michele. I have told a few of my friends about you. I will be in touch soon. M. A., Houston,Texas(after 4 days): Hi Michele, Thanks for sending me healing energy. I have not had a migraine this week! Also, Monday, during the first healing session, I felt a tingling on the left leg where I had been having some muscle pain and the pain went away. I then felt the tingling travel down my right leg to my right foot where I had been having pain for the last few days. The foot had been throbbing with pain and after I felt the tingling the pain gradually subsided. When I got up after the healing session, the pain in the foot was gone completely. Thank you very much E.N., Arizona(after one week)Hi Michele, I have been feeling good since the start of your healing sessions. I have not had a migraine headache all week. Also the pain in my legs has not returned. Once again, I thank you very much for the healing energy you have sent me. E.N., ArizonaThank you sooo much. I was having a pretty intense emotional week, when we started the sessions. However, I feel much more calm altogether and my urges to smoke cigarettes have subsided. D. M.Hi Michele,Yes, I have noticed a difference. When I'm relaxing & receiving the healing I feel much better. When the sessions are over, I feel pretty good & I've been sleeping much better.I don't know what I actually feel during the sessions It's hard to explain. But I know I feel much better. ThanksV.Yes, I do get the energy. Really up my arms. My shoulder is feeling a lot better. It is amazing how you do it remotely.Really felt wonderful!!!Thanks so much. I am feeling much better. It is amazing!!! I have told friends, but they can't believe it. I will keep in touch. God Bless You, J. B. Downey(After two weeks)Michele,You've been a great help. I can really feel my scalp healing. I feel this warm feeling, especially when I put my hand on my scalp. And it is so relaxing. I am truly grateful for your time and your help. I am also feeling a lot more relaxed and calm. Thank you once again.Kind regards,J. M., England(second eMail after the two week treatment)Thanks for the second week of healing Michele. I washed my hair today, and normally I would feel the stinging of the back of my scalp, but today I felt nothing. It has healed a lot. I also feel a lot calmer and relaxed. And I am worrying less. It has been really soothing.Thank you once again, I really appreciate your time and help.With loveJ. M., EnglandMichele,Thank you again for your voluntary remote healing. To be honest, I don't know that I was able to actually "feel" the energy during those times. However, perhaps more important, I lost SIX POUNDS during those two weeks, which is a HUGE amount. My appetite was less keen, easier to fill or ignore. I do feel I benefited from this, and feel like I'm still benefiting in terms of dieting.S. B., GlendaleThank you Michele.I would like to report that again, when a migraine almost certainly would have been expected this week I did not have one. I am very excited by the work we have done so far and have spoken of you glowingly to many of my friends and colleagues.Once again, thank you, Michele.A. Toronto Hi Michele,Yes, I did benefit quite a bit from the sessions. My stomach pain is totally healed and I have been eating whatever I want and have been much clearer in asserting myself!Y. E., New York, N. Y.Hi Michele,My headaches are definitely improved even when now that I'm walking about 10 miles per week. Appreciate your help... K. C., Los Angeles(After a week of remote healing)Dear Michele,My sessions are definitely working! My headaches are gone. I feel so relaxed and my energy finally feels balanced. I just can't thank you enough. Bless you.Love and Light,H.R., Salt Lake City(one week after the healing)Hi Michele,I am sorry it has taken me longer to get back to you than I had planned. But it has given me the time to know that my headaches are gone! I can't thank you enough! I believe my headaches were caused by my energy being blocked. Any way my daily sessions from you have completely changed that. Every session felt like it was working on a different area and in places I did not know needed it. After months of almost daily headaches I feel so wonderful! You are an angel. Thank you again so much. Love and light,H. R., Salt Lake CityHi Michele,Thank you so much for the week of Healing Energy, it has been amazing! A couple of times I could honestly feel hands resting on my shoulders, it was wonderful. Thank you again for this week. What a wonderful experience.L. J., Canada

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