Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Nickolas was six when the disease hit. The doctors at the Children's Hospital could not identify it. A worldwide medical e-mail search identified only four similar cases. In the meantime, the disease was eating it's way into Nicholas's brain. The doctors did not know how to stop it. Nick's mother was terrified. Her only hope was prayer. She prayed with Nickolas on her lap. Nickolas knew very little about Jesus, but he was extremely interested. Nick became a shut-in. Bacteria were his enemies. He was not allowed out of the house. No school, no pets, no friends, no picnics. Nick's family and friends started a multinational prayer circle. Then the first miracle occurred; the doctors identified the medicine they needed to fight this new disease. As a result, Nick became a research subject for the National Institute of Health. His treatment, including injections, required three hours a day. His mom never left his side. She bought him a computer which inspired Nickolas to e-mail fellow shut-ins. This led to the development of a foundation called Healing Kids Foundation which provided computers for kids in seven countries. (www.healing kids.org). The family moved back to England for medical cost reasons. Then the second miracle occurred. Nickolas was introduced by phone to Hal Weeks, a Coronado, California, resident who has a healing ministry at http://home.san.rr.com/healing. He prayed with Nickolas, now age nine on the phone. Hal gave Nickolas a "prescription." It will not cost you anything, It has no adverse side affects, and you can't overdose it. say "thank you Jesus." The disease, which had blinded Nickolas in one eye, stopped. Three days later the London hospital could find no evidence of the disease. They reported this to the National Institutes of Health. The N.I.H. did not believe it and asked for Nickolas to go to the N.I.H. in Bethesda, Md. for further tests. They confirmed the London report. Miraculously, Nicholas' disease was gone. The disease began in Nicholas four years ago. In January, 2002 The disease disappeared after Hal Weeks prayed --in the name of Jesus -- on the Transatlantic telephone with Nickolas. He is now a healthy, happy, ten-year old, has a girl friend and heads a foundation serving seventy-seven children in seven countries. (Sort of a second miracle.) He now goes to school, has a pet rabbit and is learning to play the piano. The Make a Wish Foundation has granted Nickolas his A wish .....to meet Robin Williams in Hollwood. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, God. This was supplied by Clark Shelby. His email address is: cshel4u@aol.com

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