Tuesday, June 19, 2007

cast out demons!

What follows is a transcript of an internet dialog I had with a seventeen your old male from Trinidad/Tobago Island in the Caribbean who used the nickname of Lucifer 666.

What had occurred prior was that I encountered him through a chat program on the internet. Initially, he was abusive and offensive. Suspecting I was dealing with a demon I began counterattacking and commanding the demon to leave him.

In our next internet exchange he began to switch from attacking my story to asking me questions. Next, he asked for my permission to add my name to his contact list.

Finally, I told him that God loved him. The next day I received the following: He had changed his name from Lucifer666 to Repent-Tri.
Repent-TriHey, believe this! Some of the things you said to me had an affect, dude......now I am more open...thanks....Oh, your website is really good.
HalThank you for making my day. I suggest your explore my website since it reveals a part of what I have learned in the past twenty five years of living and experiencing. Have a good day. God love you.

Repent-TriI know He loves me now, because I asked Him "Lord, do you love me?" and you know what happened? He said, "I died for you." Now that is love!
Hal - laterHow are you doing?
Repent-TriHey man! I am doing really great since I opened up to the man above.
HalWhat have you noticed that is different?

Repent-TriMy total view of life. Life now really seems like a calm ocean
Hal I didn't get a history of our chatting since you weren't on my contact list yet. However, I would like to share your story with my Bible class. Will you give me a little history of your background and a "before and after" of your change? What name by which I can address you?
Repent-Tri.You can call me "Repent".

HalHi Repent! Have you considered sending me the story of what happened to you so I can share it with my Bible class? I surely would appreciate it.
RepentI would most definitely but not right now. You could just start by saying even that non-believers can experience the hand of God. Well, I will try to send it to you by Monday.
HalI look forward to it. Be as detailed as you wish since the details add to the impact.
RepentWell, my story is simple. I was a rebel...a total anti-everything. I lived without a care in the world, as though nothing mattered to me. I lived this life for about three years......then one day I met you. I tried in every way to corrupt you and make you believe that God does not do much for us. However, the next day I woke up a different man. I suddenly started to see that all this time the devil had control over me. I think the Lord sent you to me to show me that I was leading a life that was going nowhere. I thank you for that. I wish you a ling and happy life, and continue to spread God's word PEACE, LOVE, EMPATHY!!!
HalThank you for that wonderful encouragement . Do you now consider yourself to be a Christian?

Repent Honestly, I now consider myself a son of God.
HalMay I suggest you find a church that will help you grow in your new found faith?
RepentI live very far from you.
Hal But surely they have churches where you live.
RepentI am attending an Advent college. I can join in with them. HalAs of this time I have had no further contact with him. What this taught me is that I can cast out a demon far away without the person even knowing I am doing it!: * * * * * * *For how I learned to do this go to the
healing classroom.


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Amazing. Good on you brother, Doug

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Amazing. Good on you brother, Doug