Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Following is an email that I received:

The short story:
Dear Hal, about one week ago, we phoned you from here in Pennsylvania to ask you to prayer for my wife Sheryl who was passing blood. She was even in pain at that moment which was quickly relieved by the mercy of God because of your prayer. By the next morning there was no longer any evidence of the condition.

The full story:

On Thursday, Oct. 3, 2002, I phoned Cheryl in the evening. She informed me that she was passing blood. When I came home that night, I saw the dark red blood myself. The next day we contacted a medical doctor, who wanted us to make arrangements for both an endoscopy and colonoscopy. On Monday, Oct. 7th, we went to a different medical doctor for his opinion. After examining Cheryl, he immediately changed her diet from raw foods to cooked and put her on zantac thinking she had gastritis and/or a bleeding ulcer. And he personally called the doctor who would do the endoscopy and subsequently the colonoscopy for her. Two days later she was scheduled for her endoscopy. After the procedure, I (Dan) went to talk with the doctor. He told me he found nothing! I specifically asked him, “You found no bleeding ulcer?” He answered, “No.” I asked another question: “Was there any stomach irritation?” “No,” he answered and said again: “I found nothing.” Then he added that he did see dried specks of blood like coffee grounds, but had no idea where they came from. I told him, “Maybe the Lord healed her.” He replied, “Maybe.”The next day, we returned for Cheryl’s colonoscopy After it was finished, I was again sent back to talk to the doctor about his findings. He said, “She is normal. There is nothing wrong. Are you sure she was bleeding?” I said I was sure because I had seen the blood for myself. He said three times that she was “normal.” Thus the medical examination confirmed that she was totally healed.

- Dan and Cheryl Corner -

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If only the modern church knew what the power of the Holy Spirit can do.