Saturday, June 13, 2009


HI Hal,The only thing I can mention about my back is that for at least two months, maybe longer, I have had some very bad and annoying pain in my right upper back under the shoulder blade. It isn't something that a person can touch or really get to, since it is under the bone. But when I would lay down at night, I would find myself only able to lay flat on my back. If I moved the pain was sharp and uncomfortable. I am the type of person that consistently (tosses) moves all through the night. I don't do well sleeping in the same position. I had been complaining about this pain for a while and decided to go see my friend Hal Weeks. I told him about the pain and he prayed for me. The pain was better but not completely gone until after I walked out of his home. It was as if it just cleared up all of a sudden. That is God at work there. It has now been over a week since I had healing prayer and I thank Jesus Christ for his healing and Hal's healing ministry.Respectfully,Karen Foster

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