Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here is my healing testimony for you to post on your website.
Stephen was 13 when he was struck by a car in Coronado, CA. The car, turning right at a stop light and not seeing pedestrians ran stephen over. Stephen fractured his left foot, sprained his knee, back and neck. After over a year of rehab Stephen was healed through medical doctors. X-Rays showed in 2004 that Stephen had developed a severe case of Arthritis inside of his left foot. Doctors managed to remove all of the affected bone.
When Stephen turned 19 in 2007, years after the accident his neck & back pain returned with more pain than ever before. Doctors tried multiple forms of medication, rehab, treatment and possible surgery. During that time in late 2007 Stephen developed a painful form of TMJD (Temporo mandibular joint disorder). With all of the pain together, the only explanation was through Stephen's body growing to fit his body type of an Adult Male, all the pain from the car accident had never been shown through X-Rays or through any pain fully, until Stephen turned 20 years old. At times Stephen could not exceed limited athletic activity. Have a locked jaw many times in one day and not be able to turn his head in multiple longitudes.
Unable to pay the medical bills that would come with more Rehab and Surgeries. Stephen was working at the time, and still is to this day, St. Pauls United Methodist Church in Coronado, CA. Through working in the youth program Stephen was introduced to Hal Weeks. In a group setting, Stephen attended Hal's famous "Healing and Prayer Class" on Wednesday Nights.
Upon prayer on Stephen, the pain went away. Stephen fell to the ground upon power of the holy spirit. When Stephen awoke he was pain free and could move in directions with his body he could never before. The Holy Spirit also blessed Stephen with the ability to speak in tongues.
Today in 2009. Stephen is still living and working strong for the Lord, working within Ministry and has been pain free since. The words, "Thank You Jesus" is the only medicine needed.

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