Wednesday, September 03, 2008


No minister dares ever preach on sin or all the sinners would leave. It would not bring conviction but eviction.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hal,
Dan Bryan here. My thought is stipping sin from preaching removes the purpose for why Christ came. Preaching on sin should give us the conviction, the desire to remove sin from our lives. The ones that such preaching evicts, are those that never intend to clean themselves up, and prefer such topics to remain hidden in darkness.
Preaching on sin, for those seeking light & release from bondage, is good news. It's only a topic to avoid for people who don't want light in their life.

Even if 90% of the church doesn't want to hear it, a pastor is better off preaching on it and having 90% leave. The 10% that remains are probably born again, committeed, and of good stock to grow.

Here's advice a friend gave me on what you do when you see cow manure on the road. Step over it.
God bless, Dan