Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Hal, Just a note on the guy on Sid Roth that you sent. We have seen golden dust many times manifest. We even had some in our church. My good friend Alice, got 3 gold teeth at a Harvest Rock conference and she didn't know it for 2-3- days because she felt nothing. I have never seen manna appear. Dan and Sarah Shepler met onegentleman in Idaho? that gem stones have beenappearing in his yard (He is a strong Christian of course). They brought back photo of the gems. They got to hold the gems. She said the colors are different for each person who holds them. Probably his film tells about the "angel feathers" also. They are generally tiny. They appear some-times during worship services. I know a gal, Judi who does inner healing. The feathers are always showing up in her office. I finally got one when we went to prayer mt. in South Carolina last year. We had supper at the owners and one just floated down out of nowhere. We are going to Lakeland FL next week to the revival. I miss you and think of you often. I pray you and Ginnie are both in good health. love, Becky

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