Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm Sureshni, from Sri Lanka. About two years ago, I found your site 'Land of Miracles' and asked you and your group to kindly pray for my healing.It was a tear in my body which bled and actually needed suturing. But as I prayed and asked the Lord to please heal me, I read the scripture " I will heal the breach" - from the Old Testament.I knew the Lord was telling me He WILL heal me.It took about 2 months for the total healing, but I was TOTALLY healed, Praise God.I didn't have to see a doctor at all! Neither, did I take any medication - except that I kept that part very clean and used the gel from an aloe vera plant - I felt the Lord led me to usethis. Now, again I need healing. This time, for my teeth which the Dentist says are 'wasted'.The teeth at the back that I use to chew my food. The Dentist also says there are 'spaces' between my teeth, due to the 'wasting'.One tooth in particular is very sensitive when I bite.I have always kept my teeth clean, so I've done all I can. Again, I've asked the LORD to please heal me. I felt He pointed out a scripture in Isaiah that said" I will RAISE UP the decayed places thereof" I am convinced that my God can and will heal in answer to the prayers of many. I LOVE to see people healed and also to personally experience Divine healing. Hal, would you please pray for me that the LORD would heal my teeth? my Dentist is a Budhist lady. I would so LOVE to experience this healing by our Lord. I had written down your email address as well as the address - 'hittpink', the last time. So I thought I'd send a copy to her/him also. Hoping to hear from you Hal. Thank you so much and God bless you! Sureshni, from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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