Saturday, April 05, 2008


Hi Hal,
I don't know if you remember praying for me right after the superbowl back in February. At that time I asked you to pray for my lower back. It is doing a lot better now. I am believing God to do an even deeper work to the point of restoration. One thing I did notice is that when I receive prayer it seems to take a while to receive my healing. I haven't figured out if that means anything or not. I also noticed that on your website when you were believing God to heal you of cancer that you had to stand for quite a while before you started to see results. I wanted to thank you for making yourself available to people to call you for prayer. I have read many books on the subject of healing and it is one of my desires that God would use me to pray for others also.
May God bless your faithfulness,
Best Regards

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