Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Dear Hal Weeks, Your prayers and teaching have on 2 previous occasions helped loved ones overcome serious illness and attain or prolong their life. In thanking you one day, you kept asking me what I needed. I Had not usually considered my allergies a serious enough issue to bother you with. You kept asking me the question and pulled the information out of me, we prayed and I began to say THANK YOU, JESUS for my own medical needs. IT WORKED. My allergies have consistently improved and at times disappeared. I correlate the recurrence of any alergies now, as a reminder to 'stay on track' and continue to take an active part in my own spiritual healing. Thank you for always remembering me. You (AND THE FABULOUS Ginny) are such a gift to this world and to St Paul's Methodist Church and it's members. Thank you for your teachings and I send my best regards and appreciation with love,THANK YOU JESUS for bringing you into my life.Paulette "PJ" Fennello

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