Thursday, October 18, 2007


Satan's influence in the modern church is evidenced by today's ignoring its presence.

Evidence of its influence in the church is ramnpant.

Spiritual warfae is not taught in seminariesor.
It is not taught in Bible classes.
It is not preached in sermons or ever even referred to..

Yet, the Bible is full of rteferences to it.

Thus. someone needing delivernce has no where to turn.

Your comments are solicited.


harold weeks said...

This is a good qwuestion. I believe "comfort zone" Christianity fears it will rock the boat.

Anonymous said...

I believe every word of the bible so shouldn't all of us be healed if we ask and believe?

Anonymous said...

I preach and teach on spiritual warfare all the time. I did an entire men's retreat on it not long ago. Doug