Saturday, November 26, 2005


For parents to expect obedience from their children, they must set an example of their obedience to their Parent -- their Heavenly father. Just as our children must do things they dislike, parents should demonstrate that they are willing to do for their Father some things that they may not like doing. Christian parents who are only doing for God the things they like cannot expect their children to do otherwise.How often do your children see you doing your homework -- studying your Bible?If we find it necessary to shout at our children to get their attention, we should ask ourselves if our Heavenly Father has the same problem. Allowing us to experience trials is one way He shouts.Christ said we must be as little children to enter the kingdom of God. That is to say, we are to have the unquestioning faith of a child. It does not mean we are to be retarded in our spiritual growth. We are to become holy as God is holy.The reason so many young people are not able to find themselves is because they are looking for the wrong person. And they are looking in the wrong place. If they first find the Lord, He will then show them who they are, what they are, their potential as His children, and why God created them in the first place. In trying to find themselves they are looking for someone who is lost, and when they have found themselves, it will have proven to be a dead end.If faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God -- and without faith it is impossible to please God -- it must follow that it is impossible to please God if we are not listening to Him. Is not one of the greatest difficulties we have with our children that they do not listen to us?If we have difficulty giving both God and our children quality time, why not combine some of both? Shouldn't we be training our children to spend quality time listening to God? Shouldn't it be a joint venture?If we excuse our failure to spend quality time with God because of the needs of a child, how do we justify having another one?Why do we make commitments to children, friends, and activities, but tell God we will spend more time with Him just as soon as we get caught up?

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