Sunday, October 16, 2005


Derek Prince's Weekly Devotional for October 17, 2005

Psalm 5:12
Here is a word for you from the Word.
For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them withyour favor as with a shield. NIV
That's one thing very sure--God blesses the righteous. Alot of things today that we used to count on, we've found nolonger absolutely sure. Many places that we looked for security andcertainty have failed us and let us down. Political solutions andfinancial solutions seem to be crumbling today. But there is one thingstill sure in life, that God blesses the righteous. We need to spendmuch more concern about making sure that our lives are right beforeGod. That we qualify for that blessing of the Lord which He reservesfor the righteous, which is only for the righteous.
And then the psalmist says, "You surround them [the righteous]with your favor as with a shield." God's favor is towardthe righteous and when we walk in His righteousness His favor is likea shield, like a protection around about us that shields us againstthe blows of life. It shields us against the pressures. It shields usagainst forces that are too strong for us. It shields us from harm anddanger and evil. What a blessing to walk in the favor of the Lord, toknow His presence, to know His favor around about you as a shield.Remember, there's one thing sure; God blesses the righteous. -Derek Prince
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Anonymous said...

Derek is so right! The Bible tells us that the righteous, the overcomers, will sit on the throne with Jesus (Rev. 3:21)! Amen!

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