Thursday, September 01, 2005

Healing Class Report

Hi! Last night we had nine in attendance.
Maria gave her testimony of her miracle healing.
I gave mine about my testimony being included in a new book.
However, she also has had a chronic pain in her ankles which she described as a six on a scale of one to ten. I prayed for her and it went to a zero.
Jewel has had a problem with vertigo from time to time. I prayed that her inner ear be restored to normal. As I did so she noticed that her ears were opening us and she could hear better.
She also brought a friend named Rose who had a chronic back and hip problem with her right leg being shorter than her left. I did the leg thing, the hip thing and the arm thing. She was astonished to see movement in each case, especially her hips.
From the sensations she experienced there is reason she was totally healed. At least the pain was gone.
I then did a group arm thing and to the amazement of all there were arms moving without anyone touching them. With Anna she said something about it blessing her.
Other than that, not much happened. Hal

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